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Prepared Parent by Inova


Helps you organize & share a list important numbers, get quick emergency care info, connect with Inova Children’s Hospital staff and much more. Prepared Parent App Features
Connect with ExpertsConnect with the team of experts and navigators at Inova Chldren’s Hospital. With one click, you can send a message to our team — and we’ll be sure to get right back to you with information.
Important Numbers ListStore your cell numbers plus those of neighbors, grandparents, babysitters, doctors, etc.Easy to share: email immediately to anyoneUpdate & maintain the list as you go
Quick Care GuidesConcussion check guidelinesDo I need an ER or urgent care?
ER Wait TimesGet approximate Emergency Room waiting-room times and driving directions to Inova Emergency Rooms in Northern VirginiaSee info about Inova’s dedicated pediatric ERs
“My Children” area for monitoring and managing your kids' health including:Standard immunization schedules for birth through 18 Well-visit tracker Checklist of typical visits to check on/off, add date of visit and text box to save notes for doctor Allergies list Medications list Add medications child is taking dosages, dosage start/stop dates